The Companies

Genova Industrie Navali: a Reliable Naval Pole in the Mediterranean able to Fulfil Every Need of Yachts and Ships up to 465 m

San Giorgio del Porto

Ship’s conversion, repair
& refit yard

Officine Meccaniche Navali e Fonderie
SAN GIORGIO DEL PORTO S.p.A. con Socio Unico
Calata Boccardo, 8 - 16128 Genoa (Italy)
Direct Line: +39 010 251561

San Giorgio del Porto S.p.A. (SGdP) is a legacy shipyard with advanced facilities, having operated in the ship repair industry since 1928. Nowadays, SGdP is a global point of reference for the repair and conversion of all ship types, ro-pax vessel upgrades, as well as mid-range vessel construction projects. The shipyard’s portfolio includes famous clients and prestigious worldwide owners.

The yard employs about 140 people and with its staff of naval architects, mechanical engineers, skilled workers and its emergency response teams of specialized technicians, can offer assistance to vessels worldwide. With qualified personnel and a skilled labor force, San Giorgio del Porto’s aim has always been to continue to meet the high expectations of Customers. All repairs and conversions are carried out in accordance with the rules of all Classification Societies, most of which have offices in Genoa.

The SGdP yard is located close to the downtown area and the airport, with hotels within walking distance, offering customers easy transfers, saving them time and money.

Directly connected to highway, the yard is next to the town center and to the Cristoforo Colombo Airport (9 km). SGdP, together with its sister company CNdM - Chantier Naval de Marseille, operates eight dry-docks and over 2 km of equipped repair quays. The shipyard is capable of handling the largest vessels and is perfectly positioned to support the needs of the maritime, offshore and renewable energy sectors, providing specialized service and assistance 24/7/365.

Chantier Naval de Marseille

Ship’s conversion, repair
& refit yard

Chantier Naval de Marseille
Terre Plein de Mourepiane
porte 4 CS 40034
1 3344 Marseille Cedex 15, France
Direct line: +33 491 58 09 82

CNdM was founded in April 2010 by San Giorgio del Porto to operate dry-docks No. 8 and 9 of GPMM - Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (Marseille Port Authority) and from 2016 dry-dock No. 10, the biggest graving dock in the Mediterranean sea. Despite its relatively young age, the yard draws on a long and venerable legacy. Indeed, with over 175 years of services and craftsmanship, Marseille has positioned itself as an expert venue for ship repair, maintenance and conversion. Over the past century, the architecture of companies and facilities has changed considerably as the environment adjusts to the market. CNdM, employs 110 people including naval architects and mechanical engineers, skilled workers and specialized technicians.

The yard, alongside its sister company SGdP – San Giorgio del Porto – operates eight dry-docks and over 2 km of equipped repair quays, is capable of handling the largest vessels and is perfectly positioned to support the needs of the maritime, offshore and renewable energy sectors, providing specialized service and assistance 24/7/365.

The yard is located in the eastern section of the Port of Marseille, the largest in France, in the center of a large traffic zone extending from Genoa to Barcelona. The harbor benefits from direct access to the western Mediterranean Sea with no tideor lock restrictions, which means vessels up to 11.70m can enter CNdM docks with no time constraints.

The area enjoys a favorable climate for ship repair activities, with an average of less than 60 days of rain per year. Directly connected to highway, the yard is close to the downtown area (6 km from the Marseille Saint-Charles Central Railway Station), and to the airport of Marseille Provence (20 km). International connections are easy, saving owners and operators time and money.


New building
(luxury cruise e mega-yacht)

T. Mariotti S.p.A.
Via dei Pescatori, 16128 - Genoa (Italy)
Direct Line: +39 010 24081

T.Mariotti is an innovator, in both technology and design. Its environmental awareness ensures access to the restricted areas that won't admit others. The Shipyard has the vision to bring innovative solutions to life. Cruise ships and mega yachts instantly admired and recognized as a classic over time.

All T.Mariotti newbuildings adhere to the highest standards and have the most severe environmental certifications. These vessels will enjoy the cleanest seas, and leave them just as clean. Equally important is safety: both at sea and in the building yard, it is of paramount concern.

The reliability and financial health of the privately held company guarantees continuity of work from design to delivery. A technical team is dedicated to each project, for a tailored approach to perform engineering, manufacturing and construction with an overall view able to optimize each step of the whole project.

Dedicated professionals ensure daily updates of the Owners' Team, for full compliance with the Owner's desires. T.Mariotti network of specialized partners, suppliers and subcontractors, carefully selected to the standards of the luxury industry, allows for effective, time-tested joint work.

Mariotti Yacht

Mega-yacht building
A brand of T. Mariotti

T. Mariotti S.p.A.
Via dei Pescatori, 16128 - Genoa (Italy)
Direct Line: +39 010 24081

Mariotti Yachts designs, builds and markets steel displacement units responding accurately to clients’ wishes and visions.

Using the consolidated know-how developed during years in naval design and construction together with the financial stability of the group, Mariotti Yachts addresses the mega-yacht world providing one certainty: a perfect fusion of elegance reflecting beauty, exclusivity, and pleasure with building capability in accordance with the latest environmental, safety, and security regulations.

Each project is entrusted to a highly qualified team with whom the Owner and his staff have day-to-day contact, from design to construction, from tests to delivery; this is in accordance with the Company’s tailor-made approach to ensure that each unit built by Mariotti Yacht is indeed unique.

All Mariotti yachts adere to the hightest environmental standards and are Green Star certified.


Electrical system
& switchboard production

Ortec Industriale S.p.A.
Via dei Pescatori - 16129 Genoa (Italy)
Direct line: +39 010 253331

ORTEC Industriale S.p.A. has been working since 1966 in the field of electrical systems and industrial panels supply, particularly in the ship-building industry. The history shows the ability of ORTEC to understand and often to anticipate great changes which characterized the sector.

Modul Marine Panels

The modularity of the system allows to satisfy the market needs for low voltage electric panels for primary and secondary distribution on board ships. These bins have main bars with a nominal range up to 6300A and nominal voltage of 690V. Particular care in minimizing spaces and the possibility to satisfy all users’ needs gave it a wide collocation in the market.

Console and Pulpit Control

Any type of pulpit or console is realized on drawings. The structure of welded type can be of any material (steel, aluminium, stainless steel). The design of panel drillings and instruments to be installed is made precisely following the instructions and requirements of the user/customer. The possibility of polymerised epoxy powder painting is included.

Modul Industrial Panels

The philosophy applied in manufacturing of low voltage panels is that of high safety and compatibility with customer’s equipment. These bins have main bars with a range from 800A to 6300A and nominal voltage of 600V. It is also projected the enlargement on both sides. Particularly important is segregation (Standard CEI17.13/1,form 2,3,4) The carpentry has an external degree of protection of IP30 and internal IP20. The aeration of bins has a natural chimney drawn on horizontal segregation and on aeration panels.


A/C system, ventilation,
fire fighting

Tecnavi Srl
Sede Legale ed Officina:
Via al Molo U. Cagni - 16128 Genova - Italy
Uffici e Magazzino:
Via al Molo Giano - 16128 Genova – Italy
Direct Line: +39 010 869 2347

Tecnavi mission is to be a player in the ship repair / conversion and new building field, able to offer to owners and shipyards diversified products and services according to the purposes of its business, in order to meet the Customers’ requirements and expectations.

To achieve this purpose, the Management focuses on prompt and complete response to customer needs, high flexibility, and innovation.

Precise control and monitoring of business process both from technical and economic side to ensure the achievement of the planned target and continuous improvement of its performance. Adequate education and training to each employee such as awareness and attention in compliance with the requirements for health and safety at work.

The main Tecnavi’s goals are: Customer satisfaction, Quality, Timing delivery, Best market price.

Quality excellence is a priority to Tecnavi. This means meeting and exceeding the quality requirements and standards for all operational aspects, product and services. We hold and are in compliance with main ISO certifications such as UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Tecnavi supplies a wide range of products, certified by most well known Classification Societies such as: Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd’s, RINA Services (Registro Italiano Navale), Bureau Veritas, American Bureau Shipping. Tecnavi issues Factory Conformity Certificates as a total guarantee on our products and in compliance with our Quality.

Gerolamo Scorza

Ship’s interior outfitting &
teak works

Gerolamo Scorza S.p.A
Via Isolagiugno 33 - 16013 Campo Ligure (GE)
Direct line: +39 010 9218201

Gerolamo Scorza works as main contractor in naval outfitting, specializing in passenger cabins, passenger public areas, crew cabins, crew public areas, teak decks, teak furniture, all kind of furniture, outfittings on warships, private yachts, general refitting, dry dock works.

The project development is carried out by our experienced staff, following precise procedures, defined by the Quality System ISO9001 .

Our goal is to achieve Client satisfaction through a strong synergy in the team and a fruitful collaboration with the owner and the shipyard. Gerolamo Scorza can produce in its own workshop any kind of furniture, wall panels (Doluflex, Thermax), metal frames for furniture, teak furniture and teak doors and teak decks.

For these processes Scorza uses modern CNC machines (section, drilling, punching, bending machines, shears, etc.) and traditional craft processes that ensure very high-quality products. The painting process is operated in the spray booth in order to guarantee to our Clients the full furniture construction process from the A to the Z.


Steel & aluminium works for
hull & superstructures builging

T. Mariotti S.p.A.
Via dei Pescatori, 16128 - Genoa (Italy)
Direct Line: +39 010 24081

CI.MAR is a joint venture of the Cimolai Group (the company which, among other achievements, built the Olympic Stadium in Athens, the Cardiff Stadium and the Reggio Emilia Bridge) and T.Mariotti Shipyards (a leader in the construction of ultra luxury cruise ships and builder of megayachts).

This “Made in Italy” alliance between the best of civil and industrial engineering entrepreneurship and the top-end of luxury-vessel shipyards, was established in 2007 and is intended to last.

Facilities in San Giorgio di Nogaro, in Udine Province, not too far from Venice, offer a shipbuilding area of over 50,000 square meters, with complex lifting and manoeuvring systems capable of handling up to 300 tons.

Studio Engineering

Ship design
& project

Studio Engineering srl
Via dei Pescatori - 16129 Genoa (Italy)
Direct line: +39 010 2461244

The Studio Engineering company is entirely devoted to naval design and production engineering. It also handles hull design, stability calculations, weight estimation, structural design and FEM (Finite Element Method) analyses, functional design and coordination drawings, development of general arrangement plans and inclining tests. Studio Engineering takes care of every stage of the design of the entire ship system.

Our technical project management act through the consulting and main advises with Owners and Shipyards in Italy and abroad, in relation with the managing of the subcontractors and other partners for the building of the ship.

We design: ro-ro and cargoes/vessels, passengers cruise vessels, fast ferries, off-shore installations, boats and sailing vessels, tug and rescue boats, crane arrangements and steel constructions in general.

Practically we cover the field application of design and engineering: risk assessment, human factor analisys, technical management fleet, feasibility studies, engineering, management, procurement, planning, coordination, production.

As en engineering and design company, Studio Engineering S.r.l. heavily invested in software and hardware tools in order to fulfill a broad range of specific customer requirements, and continuously guarantee the highest standards for the design products.

An extensive experience cooperating with different and variously organized Shipyards and Shipbuilding organization has helped Studio Engineering in the management of digital information, exchange of data with different software systems, and various vertical solutions coping with eventual customer operational limitations.

Florida Marine Industries

Commercial subsidiary
in U.S.A.

Florida Marine Industries Inc.
6500 NW 35th Avenue
Miami, FL 33147, USA
Direct Line: +1(885) 438-6854

The changing needs of the shipping companies operating in the cruise market, require, for the supply of products and services, companies able to offer "turnkey" packages even for complex systems.

FMI - Florida Marine Industries was created to meet the needs of the major operators in the market of cruise ships by providing a relevant service fulfilling their demands.

Taking the advantage of the support and the experience of the Italian companies and subsidiaries operating in different sectors and their complementarity, Florida Marine Industries offers a wide range of solutions from HVAC to oleodynamic and firefighting systems from electrical plants to furnishing and interiors combined.

The location of offices, workshop and warehouse in the state of Florida is strategic for the barycentric position with respect to the yards, the contiguity with companies that have complementary activities and the technical departments of our customers.

Luigi Amico

Tank coating, anticorrosive
steel & cleaning treatment

Luigi Amico Srl
Calata gadda sn - 16128 Genoa (Italy)
Direct Line: +39 010.2470487

The Luigi Amico is a company specialized in ship maintenance, sandblasting, painting and industrial and civil corrosion.

The main activities are anticorrosion maintenance on civilian vessels, merchant, and navy ships.

Piombino Industrie Marittime

Ship recycling hub
& multi-purpose yard

Piombino Industrie Marittime
At San Giorgio del Porto
Calata Boccardo, 8 - 16128 Genoa (Italy)
Direct Line: +39 010 251561

PIM was co-founded in 2016 by San Giorgio del Porto, leader in Europe and worldwide point of reference for ship repairs and conversions, as well as in new building projects, and Fratelli Neri, committed for over 100 years in rescue activities, ship tow environmental protection and marine operations.

Piombino Industrie Marittime aims to be the first pole in the Mediterranean, with leading standards for ship recycling, maintenance and refitting in compliance with European and international regulations.

The first lot of area, delivered in September 26, 2016, will be operational in Spring 2017.

Starting point of PIM is the green ship recycling. The excellence in shipbuilding and technical know-how represent strategic pillars for ship recycling.

Piombino Industrie Marittime is expected to become a point of reference for modern, safe and sustainable demolition activities, in accordance with European and international regulations.

PIM can complete the controlled green ship recycling of big tonnage vessels, through innovative tools.

PIM covers an area of 100.000 sq.m with almost 400 linear meters of equipped quays and a dismantling platform more than 1.200 sq.m. The company provides an integrated facility, where the process runs from stripping activities of the ship until the delivery of single materials to the recycling plant.