The business lines of the Genova Industrie Navali group

GIN is able to meet all requirements relating to shipbuilding and ship repair, thanks to highly specialised professionals. Our business lines include new build, design and engineering (sectors in which Mariotti, CI.MAR and Studio Engineering operate), ship repair and conversion (in which San Giorgio and Chantier Naval de Marseille work) and ship recycling (in which San Giorgio del Porto and Piombino Industrie Marittime work), ship furnishing and outfitting (the core business of Gerolamo Scorza), ship systems engineering (Tecnavi for air conditioning systems, Ortec Industriale for electrical systems and Florida Marine Industries for integrated solutions for the American market).


Genova Industrie Navali is a one-stop shop with extensive experience in the different areas of the shipbuilding industry, always able to offer the best technical solutions and full project management, whether designing a new ship or restructuring an existing one, fitting one out or completely demolishing one in accordance with the highest environmental standards; our companies are used to working together, exchanging ideas and coordinating with each other to ensure an impeccable service at all times, while fully respecting deadlines and safety standards.

New building, design and engineering

With over 90 years’ experience, GIN is specialised in the construction of luxury cruise ships, megayachts and technologically advanced offshore support vessels.

Both in terms of technology and design, all of Genova Industrie Navali’s creations are considered true "pearls" of the shipbuilding industry, each one able to redefine the standards of the whole industry,...

Ship repair conversions and ship recycling

Genova Industrie Navali has a long tradition in repair and conversion operations on all types of ship and has completed numerous projects over the years, accumulating vast experience in the sector.

In the last 30 years, our shipyards have been involved in all market segments, from merchant ships and off shore vessels to LNG/LPG carriers, military vessels and large offshore units (over...

Ship outfitting and furnishing

GIN offers fully customised furnishing solutions for the entire shipbuilding industry. Our specialised staff have many years’ experience in the sector and are able to follow the whole development of the project; from concept and production through to installation, Genova Industrie Navali is the right partner for the full management of complete ship furnishing and outfitting projects.

Marine Technical Systems

Thanks to the ongoing support of the group’s companies which operate in various sectors, the GIN group offers a wide range of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) solutions, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and specialised technical fittings.

The synergy between the teams of technicians, who are used to working together both in the shipyard and at sea, makes Gen...

Ship coating and painting

Thanks to extensive experience acquired over the years in the treatment of hulls and surfaces, GIN is able to provide the best solutions and the most advanced techniques for restoring hulls and all worn surfaces.

For the treatment of hulls and decks, the latest technologies are always used, such as robotic grit blasting with water at very high pressure (up to 3,000 bar) which has the...


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