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With over 90 years’ experience, Mariotti is specialised in the construction of luxury cruise ships, megayachts and technologically advanced offshore support vessels.

Both in terms of technology and design, all of Mariotti’s creations are considered true "pearls" of the shipbuilding industry, each one able to redefine the standards of the whole industry, combined with the strictest environmental certifications.

Our planning approach is always completely customised: each phase of the construction process, from design to creation, is intended to achieve the highest quality and attention to detail. It is no coincidence that the most prestigious operators in the high-end cruise sector turn to GIN when they need to introduce innovative features or create new luxury experiences on board their ships.

Luxury cruise ships

In this particular market niche, Genova Industrie Navali is an established point of reference for owners of the most prestigious fleets in the world. Every ship built in our shipyards has always set new reference standards for the sector.
The distinctive features of the ships built by Mariotti can be seen in the excellent space ratio between passengers and crew, the great attention paid to the environment and safety, as well as continuous research into tailor-made solutions in order to better adapt to the services and routes that shipowners wish to offer their customers.

Offshore support vessels

The construction of offshore support vessels is an extremely complex and challenging activity which also presents an opportunity for diversification in a market with high growth potential.
Our presence in this segment is assured by the Group's ability to manage complex projects and provide complete solutions; our ability to face ever new challenges is underpinned by highly qualified staff who are always ready to work in synergy with specialists in the field.

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With over twenty years of history behind it and highly qualified personnel, Studio Engineering offers shipowners, shipyards and insurance companies advanced design and consulting services on cruise ships, yachts and megayachts, ferries, Ro-Ro and supply ships. The company is able to handle all the design phases, both in new build and ship conversion, and to provide ongoing operational support and supervision activities.

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CI.MAR is a joint venture between the Cimolai Group and the Mariotti shipyards. This "Made in Italy" alliance between the best of entrepreneurship in civil and industrial engineering and the high-end of luxury shipyards, was created in 2007. The facilities in San Giorgio di Nogaro, in the province of Udine, not far from Venice, offer a shipbuilding site of over 50,000 square metres, with sophisticated lifting and manoeuvring systems capable of handling up to 300 tonnes.

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