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March 1, 2021

Refurbishment of NCL Spirit accomplished

Author: Gerolamo Scorza Post tags: Gerolamo Scorza , NCL

In February 2020 Scorza accomplished the refurbishment of NCL Spirit, the biggest and toughest dry dock realized until that time for both Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and our company as well.  

In 45 days, Scorza refurbished all of the vessel public toilets (33 in total), 3 trunk of stairs, the complete renovation of the panoramic elevators implementing high-tech solutions and refined materials, the conversion of a crew mess into officers’ cabins, all of the crew public areas as well as the crew public toilets (280 in total) and the floors in 120 crew cabins.

All of these successes have been achieved through the coordination of a 250 people team working 24/7 in all of the assigned areas. Projects completed in due time, no delay in delivery and no remark! Take a look at what Scorza did!

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