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March 10, 2021

NCL ICU & isolations cabins

Author: Gerolamo Scorza Post tags: NCL , Gerolamo Scorza

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has appointed to Scorza the refurbishment of new intensive care cabins and new isolations cabins for the pax of its fleet (NCL, Oceania and Regent), in the framework of the implementation of the health protocol agreed upon by the holding members to comply with required prescriptions from CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention).

Scorza successfully helped Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings to create a new environment to make passengers travel safe. Our company made the best of its effort between November 2020 and end of January 2021 to convert more than 276 cabins joining 15 vessels. Non-stop work and joint programmes have been the key factors to achieve this challenging project with 0 remarks. We are pleased to share our results showing you some pictures!